14 Keys to Wellness

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We here at Well With My Soul Holistic Health Center believe that we all should have an abundant life. In order to do so, 14 keys to wellness have been created that summarizes what the company’s objectives are for you. These keys focus on personal development, relationships, health, wellness and nutrition.

The Fourteen Keys to Wellness Include:


Humans cannot survive without water. It is an essential for all digestive, absorptive, circulatory and excretory functions. Since the body loses nearly a quart of water a day, the body needs to be replenished. Inadequate water consumption may contribute to excess body fat; digestive problems, poor muscle tone, poor functioning of the brain, joints, muscle soreness and water retention. However we consume plenty quality of water it can slow the aging process and improve a number of pathological disorders. There are a variety of types of water to consume and choice from including tap, distilled, alkaline, mineral, natural spring and sparkling.


Exercise is beneficially for the body both physically and psychologically. Physically, exercise improves digestion and elimination, weight loss, lowers cholesterol, increases endurance and energy level. Psychologically, exercise reduces anxiety and depression, increases feeling of well-being and elevates mood. Exercise has a variety of movements and different activities, each with a specific purpose. From aerobic, range of motion and strength training whatever you goals, consult with your health care provider before getting started.

Loving God

Love is a reciprocal principle. When we love and it is not returned to us, we hurt. So it is with God. If we hurt, (being made in the image of the Creator) when love is not returned, how much more does God hurt when that love is not received and returned to the one who gives it, especially since God is love? Not loving the Almighty in return is being Atheistic because refusing to return that love says “No God”. Not only does God hurt, we hurt and we miss out on the promises and gifts such as love, joy and peace.

Loving Self

Since love is a reciprocal principle, loving God is the first step. Once we have done so, we began to see what love looks and doesn’t look like. As the relationship with God grows stronger and stronger, God exposes God self-more (through prayer and instruction manual), help us to build our self- esteem and character. Often time people are fearful of showing their true self because of ridicule. However when we love self, we can embrace self in our totality; the good, the bad and the ugly whereby giving others permission to do the same.


Wealth can be anything that we define being rich in. It can range from being rich spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally and of course financially. The key to obtaining wealth, is decide that’s we wants, make a plan and work the plan. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. This also means making your request known to other. By doing so, we can have other hold us accountable and keep us track. This will also encourage others to plan to become wealthy as well.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine simply means combing alternative treatment to traditional medicine. Alternative treatment can include but not to, massage therapy, naprapathy, food therapy, coaching, counseling, exercise, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathic medicine, tai chi, pilates and yoga. There are times when medication or surgery is not needed. However some health care professionals will have you to believe that traditional medicine is the only way. With proper advice and research you can be on your way to being a healthier and wealthier you.


Temperance means self-control. This can be a difficult task if we try to do it on our own. However when we seek help from the Creator regarding temperance we has to can, we have control of over emotions, our mind, will and other areas the we are struggling.

Health and Nutrition

Health and nutrition is an essential component to our life. Similar to wealth and all the keys listed, we must make a plan. Making a plan is seeing the end goal or the big picture and taking smaller steps to achieving those goals. It will be important to work on all this areas otherwise one will be out of balance and unexpected problems will occur. We must choice to work on all of these areas and if necessary, seek the advice of trained professionals. When we choice to apply all these keys, we can live a longer and more productive life.


We all have been placed on this earth for a purpose. As your pondering on your mission, make a note or inventory of your strengths and weakness, likes and dislike and the things most passion. It is at that point you will be one step closer to finding your mission in life.

Your time (balancing work, rest and play)

Balancing our time means that we are conscious of our time and using it wisely. It is so important for us to know there is a time to work, to laugh and rest. When we do not have balance in our lives, negative consequences will manifest physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally. If you have not made time, today is the day. You and your body will be glad you did.


Sunshine is so important for our human development. For example, vitamin D cannot be produced in our bodies on its own; it needs the help from the sun. When we have exposed ourselves to the sun, we activate (via the liver and kidneys) vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for immune function. An insufficient amount of sun can indirectly cause children to get rickets and adults osteoporosis and osteomalcia.

Oxygen (fresh air and deep breathing)

Oxygen is another essential of life; it is vital in our breathing and the metabolism of all living organisms. It is absorbed by the blood stream in the lungs and travels to our cells and transformation happens. For example, we build new tissue, replace old tissue, convert food into energy, eliminate waste material and help with reproduction. It requires us to get fresh air and to breathe deeply or in other words take time to smell the rose. Your life truly depends on it. Without it an adequate supply to oxygen to our brain, we could die.

Understanding (communication)

There is a Christian scripture that says in all thy getting, get an understanding. This can only come by communication. When we take time to communicate there is dialogue between two or more people. Through this exchange we know either we are heard and understood (if done properly). So many relationships, groups and organizations are destroyed because there is no understanding or communication.

Loving others

Loving others should be a part of everyone’s mission in life. It will not be easy, if we have first worked on loving God and self it should be easier. It is the relationship with God or the Higher Power we can see an example of what it means to love and demonstrate God’s love to others. Again this step won’t be easy at but like all things, through constant practice, one will get better.

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